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The Real Estate Syndicate – Crowdfunding for Investors

A problem faced by entry-level real estate investors is one of limited investment opportunity: people looking to make their first real estate purchase are typically limited to high-demand, budget-level property. High demand tends to correlate with higher than average investment risk, or lower than average rates of return. Larger investments, with more favorable balances of risk and return, simply require more capital to purchase than is available to most.

An innovative solution to this problem is the Real Estate Syndicate, which allows investors to bind together and pool money to purchase property ordinarily beyond their means. Syndication is a straightforward, four-step process:

1. Sponsors of a syndicate begin by seeking out worthwhile real estate to purchase;
2. Once an investment asset is identified, the Sponsors call on a pool of Investors to raise the necessary capital;
3. The asset is then purchased and held in the name of a limited liability company, which the Investors own as Members, with shares proportionate to their capital contributions;
4. Finally, this limited liability company is managed by the Sponsors, who handle the daily operations of the asset and distribute income to the Investors/Members.

Real Estate Syndication is the core business model at Ditmars Real Estate Consultants. We have been purchasing and managing commercial retail properties in this manner for over 30 years, and possess an unrivaled knowledge of the process and the industry. We require very little effort from the Members of our syndicates, who act as passive investors. As the Sponsor/managers, we address the daily management of each investment for a predetermined fee. Over the years we have developed sensible, direct and effective methods for maintaining profitability for our investments over the long-term, and the results speak for themselves: the overwhelming majority of our Investors stay with us for decades, reinvesting in new projects, and steering their friends and family to do the same.

All our existing syndicates are closed to new investors, but if you are interesting in joining one of our next projects, feel free to contact us, and we will advise you of the next opportunity as it appears.

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